Azomite Gives “Eat Dirt” A Whole New Meaning

I was doing some research a couple of weeks ago about different types of whole body cleanses. I’ve been so sluggish and while I realize that diet and exercise play the largest roles in energy, I know there are other factors as well. Also, in the same way that even a great shampoo can build up a little on your hair over time, things we put in our bodies can build up in our insides. I found a recommendation for Azomite, which is actually soil fertilizer and it does come with its share if criticism (as a supplement for humans). From :

“AZOMITE® is a natural product mined from an ancient mineral deposit in Utah (USA) that typically contains a broad spectrum of over 70 minerals and trace elements, distinct from any mineral deposit in the world. AZOMITE® is used internationally as a feed additive and a soil re-mineralizer for plants, and is available in over thirty countries throughout the world.”

I did see a lot of websites saying azomite contains lead and is bad for people, but everything I’ve read shows that the amount of lead is so small (“trace amounts” is the proper wordage) that it’s barely worth mentioning. I figured that I would let the proof be in the pudding and I gotta tell ya- I feel drastically different. I woke up this morning only drinking only one cup of coffee and instead of dragging around doing laundry I felt like taking a walk first. It’s almost 5pm and I still feel great. Maybe my vitamin intake was near death levels or maybe there really is something to this stuff.

If you purchase it from their website, you’ll have to buy a ton but on eBay you can buy it in little bags. I’m not into gritty water so instead of mixing it in water I filled size 000 size capsules (also bought on eBay) and took 2 capsules with breakfast. It’s dirt cheap (pardon the pun); for $5 I ordered 4 oz which looks like it could last for months.

Basically, I feel like its just dirt and dirt isn’t bad for us. Many credible people believe our society’s fear of dirt is actually making us all sick. I haven’t started the actual cleanse yet, but I’ll keep you guys posted.


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