New Requirement: One Sexual Fantasy

Don’t get me wrong now, I am by no means an “easy” woman, but I have heard more than once that someone has never met a woman who could speak so openly about sex. Why shouldn’t I be open to talk about it? Sex is a natural part of life, isn’t it? Plus the psychology behind it sometimes is pretty fascinating, but I digress…

Women have requirements for the men we date, we all do. Gainful employment, healthy gums, a good sense of humor…

I asked someone today (actually two people, but the second was only for confirmation of my suspicions of the first) about their unfulfilled sexual fantasies. His reply was that he didn’t have any, which immediately made me uncomfortable. I thought, either he has had more than his fair share of kinky sex, or he has some hangup about expressing them. Either way, I wasn’t satisfied with that answer. There are psychological studies that show that a lot of times the more “out there” a person’s sexual fantasies are the more they fit into society’s “normal” psychological median in the rest of their life. I would have felt better if he had said he always wanted to have sex with a circus clown.

So I’m adding a new requirement to my list: I want to hear one sexual fantasy and I’m not going out with you again until I do.


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