Where is my hodge-podge?

So yes, lately I’ve been a little lonely. To the people close to me its no secret that I’ve been alone for the better part of Obama’s presidency. Partly because I went to college and didn’t want to be distracted, partly because I didn’t want to deal with somebody else’s baggage or maybe even my own.

This guy was flirting with me the other day and I started to question my reaction to men. Why am I so unimpressed? I don’t think I’m some arrogant person that expects too much, I mean I know I’m not perfect and I wouldn’t expect anyone else to be either. People are Hodge-podges, all of us are. So what am I waiting for some knight in shining armor to do before I feel comfortable letting him into my life (and into my bed)?

I just want a smart guy who appreciates life and gets me enough to give me daisies instead of roses. You can’t force chemistry though, and I guess that’s what my interactions are missing. He’s out there somewhere, I haven’t given up hope yet.