C’Mon People: The Alcatraz Escape

I watched at least five full length documentaries about the Alcatraz escape this weekend. Between all these historians, authors and general concerned parties questions kept coming up about how the two brothers (Clarence & John Anglin) could’ve swam the stretch of the San Fransisco Bay. Seriously? No one looked at the geography of town where they grew up?

Donaldsonville, Georgia is a tiny four mile long town where two (or half a dozen since they had a large family) boys were never going to be contained. So lets look at their surroundings, shall we?

  • About ten miles south of Donaldsonville is the Seminole State Park which contains a 37,000 acre “reservoir” known as Lake Seminole.
  • About ten miles west is the Chattahoochee River.
  • Donaldsonville is less than two hours from Panama City, FL. I live in New Orleans which is more than twice as far away from any good beach spots in Florida and we made at least one pilgrimage there a year.

Those men were country boys- you can’t expect the wilderness to hold somebody who spent their whole life in it.


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