So I start my new job Monday. Right now I guess I’m on a “staycation” to clean out closets and bring a little feng shui into my world. Truth be told I’m really nervous. I was with my last employer for almost six years and I don’t think my ego could handle a failure. This job changed me as a person and a professional more than any other I’ve had, and even though all of these changes weren’t necessarily good ones they were definitely priceless. So here are a few things I learned:

I have learned that my instincts about people are usually right and that 99.8% of people will not chose to do the right thing in most situations unless its its for the wrong reasons. That may sound negative but it really isn’t, because now I see how truly remarkable the individuals with principals are and have more compassion for all of us that fall from grace.

I’ve learned that even employers who really do care for you as a person will find the strength to ignore your suffering if it benefits them in some way.

I’ve learned that in our economy as we get older and more tired, the people whose life you make easier are probably the ones cutting your throat.

The most enlightening lesson though, is that when push comes to shove- how a person feels will never override what they truly value, and if they are letting how they feel control their actions then they never really valued what’s being threatened.


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