What Women Want

First let me say that I’m only one woman but I’m a pretty good barometer for an average person most of the time. There are so many common misconceptions about women and what we want/like so I figured I would try to clear a few things up.

1.) We don’t need you to solve our problems.

I know men think in solutions. We come home upset and spill our guts and your instincts tell you to help us find a solution- stop doing that. If we say “what do I do?” then its appropriate but otherwise we want comfort. Here is my foolproof advice: the next time your woman comes to you in such a state, listen to her until she’s gotten all of the details out and then ask her if she wants you to fix her a bowl of ice cream. Yes, it really is that simple.

2.) Women don’t like “bad boys” because they’re bad.

There are a couple of  different reasons for this appeal. Some women want the challenge of being loved so deeply that we convince the unchangeable to be better men and there are always the women who are just glutton for punishment. Mostly though I think this is just a longing for a sense of accomplishment and having walking, talking proof that we are worth what we always wished we were worth.

3.) The #1 most attractive thing about a man is his ability to make us laugh.

I have a friend who looks like Yosemite Sam, except that his handlebar mustache is a ZZ Top beard instead. He was always dating pretty women though, and do you know why? He’s funny. I actually asked him once what his big secret was and he told me that the guy that makes her laugh is the one who takes her home.

4.) We need you to be macho sometimes.

I don’t mean act like a jackass and hit on our friends, but a little machismo sometimes makes us feel good. When your fantasy football gets like a zillion points for passing yards and you yell like you just made a tree- we kinda like that.

5.) We don’t need flowers and chocolates if we know you think our love is epic.

Remember the movie “City of Angels” with Nicolas Cage? He was an angel engrossed in a love so perfect that he fell from grace just to be able to be able to touch her. That’s what we wish we could have- that “I couldn’t live without her” kind of love. So when you’re sitting across from the mother of your children watching her eat her toast, really look at her. Look at her and imagine how devastated you’d be if she was gone forever…