Why CVS needs your driver’s license to sell you a money order

Why does CVS need my driver’s license to sell me a money order?

CVS doesn’t want to aid people in anything illegal, and when you are a business who provides services like money gram and selling money orders you become a prime target for people who need to launder money. There is a very strict limit of $1000 per customer per day regarding money orders. CVS’s method for enforcing this is to record your money order purchases by your driver’s license number. In the event that you reach the $1000 limit, your cashier’s register will stop the transaction and prompt them to call a manager.

In an average store, every cashier has about 150 customers per shift. They aren’t going to remember some guy who came in three hours ago and bought a money order. The penalties for a store who looks the other way while their customers are laundering money are steep, and the methods to actually enforce a rule like this this are few.

It’s not personal and they aren’t sharing your information. They’re trying to be responsible.


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