A Long Ride…

So I go back to work tomorrow. I’ve gotten a half ton of stuff done in this last week off but I still have so much left to take care of. Mostly I’m trying to prepare myself mentally to say no. Sounds strange, I know, but I’ll elaborate. The company I work for likes to make the impossible possible and I’ve always loved a good challenge, so when my boss comes in and says I need these 8,000 reports finished in 32 seconds I usually jump right on it. This however, is how I keep getting sucked in. If I don’t do it, will they say I couldn’t? If I say no, will I look like I’m not a team player or I’ve gotten lazy? If I don’t do it, what will my evaluation look like later?

I need to get out of this cycle though. I know my pride will take a shot when my boss goes to someone else first next time and because people think my job is so easy there are ten people fighting for it as we speak. I have to say no, though and stand my ground or I’ll never keep the momentum to find something better. So ya’ll wish me luck. It might be a long ride…


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