We all need a lil’ Popey.

OK I like adding what I’m listening to so I’m gonna go with that. My father, and by father I mean the man who raised me, is a musician so I feel like notes are embedded on my soul or something. I was looking at this facebook profile of this girl I never could seem to get along with. She did everything right (except for being a heinous bitch). She was beautiful, got a jump on a great career when she was barely out of diapers, married and has two kids (I think she’s about 24 now).

I stopped to think- would my life have been less full if I had had the sense to do that? I think my mistakes sucked, but without those mistakes I wouldn’t have Doug, Renee or Popey. I wouldn’t even have my dog and I can’t tell you how many times this little 5lb beast has saved my life. What kind of person would I be without the experience of Duoos? Maybe some people’s lives are full without the blemishes of mistakes. I think my life is full because of them.I don’t have a life with a lot of stuff, per se. The really colorful parts of it are from splashes left by colorful people. So today I’m grateful. I guess in every great life a lil’ Popey must fall.


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