My Eclectic View of Spirituality

Eventually, this will be a book. My theories are not pulled out of my ass, they are supported by science and/or experience. I believe that the people trying to prove the string theory are searching for the same answers as the people searching for God and the people searching for proof of the paranormal. My goal is to show the circumstances where I believe what the scientific community calls a BXGDF and what the Christian community calls a 17320 is probably the same thing. The following is the basic nuts and bolts of my belief system which I will expand on and all that good stuff.


I believe that everything in existence has an actual explanation of purpose. We are all familiar with three-dimensional length (height, width and depth). The fourth dimension is time and space-time is the actual mathematical model all four dimensions’ existence together. Humans don’t actually “see” 3D images. We see two 2D images that our brain interprets as a 3D environment. Scientists believe that if there was a 4D “being” it could see 3D images. Seeing a 3D image in its entirety would be like standing on the street looking at a hospital and seeing not only the building, but all of the patients and chairs and everything in that building. I believe that what Christians refer to as “God’s presence” is the highest dimension and all other dimensions exist within it. I also believe that gravity plays a much larger part in all of this than is realized.


If you look on a map, you can find any place using the coordinates of latitude and longitude. A dimension is generally defined by how many of the universe’s abstract coordinates it would take to find that dimension a hypothetical map of existence. I believe that what Christians call the “Spirit of Prophesy” is a cosmically “mapped” spot of God’s presence, or the ultimate dimension.


I believe in the words of the bible and here is why. I believe that those words were written from a place exposed to God’s presence. People say that the message is subject to the prophet meaning they are seeing, feeling, sensing something and giving you a personal interpretation of what they are experiencing. Its plausible to think that if a man born in 1092 had a religious vision of 9/11 he could describe that as a giant metal bird uniting with two identical towers of Babel and together morphing into flames. On the same token, why can’t it plausible that the point in existence where some words written in the state of the prophets are like keys on that cosmic map where the very concept of human language is part of what skews the message?


I also believe that we are always in the presence of both Heaven and hell. I think they are separate dimensions that if we can sometimes see, hear, smell, or sense- but our interpretations (right now) are still too handicapped to be totally accurate.


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