Taylor Hall




My first semester at Southeastern Louisiana University I lived in Taylor Hall. One night the light over the bathroom sink went out so I called to get the maintenance to come replace the fluorescent bulb. The next day I came back from class and the light was working again but I had pictures that been moved around my desk like someone had been digging around in my things. Later I found  out the maintenance men had never come and this was the first instance of creepy stuff happening. I couldn’t take showers in this building. I did at first but after a few times of feeling like someone was in there with me I started taking my showers at a friend of mine’s apartment right off campus. Then on valentine’s day I was in my room with a friend of mine and the guy I was dating. The photos up top were what was in the mirror. I had been in the dorm about three weeks by then. I brought the pictures to the housing department and even though they said that nothing had ever happened in the building, the woman in charge offered to not only let me move to another dorm, but the maintenance staff would even help me move. I declined and eventually talked somebody into helping me get my things out (my friends were scared to go up there and it wasn’t easy). The next semester they closed the dorm for “renovations” even though I never saw anybody renovating anything.


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